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Shepherd Huts – New 2020 models launched

Cabinville Shepherd Hut
The Original

Cabinville Shepherd Hut
The Retreat

Cabinville Shepherd Hut
The View

Cabinville Shepherd Hut
The Lookout

New Shepherd Hut Website
We have create a new website just to feature our new 2020 Shepherd Huts range. Click the link below to visit Cabinville Shepherd Huts and see all the new models and all the details.

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Log Cabins have been our passion for many years. Unlike most other log cabin suppliers, our log cabins are not built to a price rather than to a very high quality.

All of the timber used in our log cabins is grown in Northern Europe. This sustainable wood source is very slow growing and produces timber that is dense and perfect for use in log cabins. Also, we use the finest hardware and fittings available – all the hinges, windows and window openers are chosen to be sturdy and to last. This is where the lower end manufacturers choose cheap to produce cheap cabins.

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Cabinville Log Cabins Quality

The design of all our log cabins is carefully thought out to ensure best use of space, to be attractive and to assist in the build of the log cabin. In addition, we are proud of our reputation of working with our customers to produce custom designed log cabins. In fact, many fine home designers use us as as their log cabins suppliers. We have also supplied log cabins to the BBC, ITV and Channel Four. If you see a log cabin on TV, there is a good chance that we supplied it. We do hope that we can supply you too – have a look at our testimonial page for references.

We have the right cabin for you

We have a huge range of log cabins suitable for all uses. Whatever you need your log cabin for, we have the right log cabin to suit and we are happy to help you choose.