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Our Cabinville shepherd huts have been a great success now we have added to the model range the new Shepherd’s View. This shepherd’s hut benefits from having double doors placed on the side – so now you view the lake, your garden, the mountains or even your sheep as you enjoy your new hut. Easier access, an increase of light and now you can open the double doors to take in the fresh air.

As well as the windows in the double doors there is a window on each end of the hut and another in the back wall. All windows open and are double glazed.

The Cabinville Shepherd Huts are delivered easy packed for ease of build and can be carried if access is a problem.

Cabinville View Shepherd Hut Details

  • Cabinville View Shepherds Hut 5m x 2.4m
  • Height On Wheels 2.87m
  • Door and all windows are double glazed

Optional Extras

  • 2.24 Partitioning with Solid Timber Door £595

The shepherds hut can be easily be insulated for all year round use. The chassis, axles and wheels are galvanised. No foundations are required all is required is a paving slab under each wheel. Supplied with steps.

XL Custom Models 2024

A new XL version of The View Shepherd Hut now available it measures 6m x 2.4m

Also, the new 2024 XL models are also available with a 2.4m partitioning with single solid timber door. The cost to add the partitioning and door to the XL model is an extra £595 including VAT.

To order please call us direct on 01379 687467.

Price: £6325


SizeWith wheels, axles, and chassisCost
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