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The Cabinville Willow Log Cabin is not just a log cabin, it’s an extension of a room from you house. The Willow Log Cabin would make an ideal office, studio or even a gym, there are numerous ways in which this cabin can enhance your lifestyle without taking the space away from your home. The Willow Log Cabin is made from slow grown tight grained spruce and pine, from sustainable forests which are government controlled. This 44mm wall log thickness log cabins comes as standard with double glazed tilt and turn/inward opening premium grade windows with 5 point security locking.

Standard Package Ridge Height 2.75m

We are able to offer a custom order option of a reduced ridge height of 2.5m. Please contact us on 01379 687467 to discuss this option and to make a custom order.

The Cabinville Willow is available in 4 sizes – 4 x 3m, 4 x 4m, 5 x 3m and 5 x 4m

  • Ridge Height 2.75m
  • Wall Height 2210mm
  • 44mm Wall Logs
  • Canopy Overhang 50cm
  • 28mm Tongue and Groove Floor Boards
  • 19mm Tongue and Groove Roof Boards
  • 2 x Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows 1400 x 1000mm
  • 1 x Double Glazed Double Door 1400 x 2000mm
Price: £5650.00


SizeLog thicknessRidge heightRoof shinglesBlack rubber roof with underlayFloor and floof insulationCost
4x3m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)Yes (+383)Yes (+582)4749
4x3m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)NoNo3784
4x3m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)NoYes (+582)4366
4x3m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)Yes (+383)No4167
4x3m44mm2.75mNoNoYes (+582)4017
4x3m44mm2.75mNoYes (+383)Yes (+582)4400
4x3m44mm2.75mNoYes (+383)No3818
4x4m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)Yes (+383)Yes (+582)5107
4x4m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)NoNo4142
4x4m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)NoYes (+582)4724
4x4m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)Yes (+383)No4375
4x4m44mm2.75mNoNoYes (+582)4375
4x4m44mm2.75mNoYes (+383)Yes (+582)4758
4x4m44mm2.75mNoYes (+383)No4176
5x3m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)Yes (+383)Yes (+582)5046
5x3m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)NoNo4115
5x3m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)NoYes (+582)4663
5x3m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)Yes (+383)No4464
5x3m44mm2.75mNoNoYes (+582)4314
5x3m44mm2.75mNoYes (+383)Yes (+582)4697
5x3m44mm2.75mNoYes (+383)No4115
5x4m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)Yes (+383)Yes (+582)5584
5x4m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)NoNo4619
5x4m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)NoYes (+582)5201
5x4m44mm2.75mBitumen (+349)Yes (+383)No5002
5x4m44mm2.75mNoNoYes (+582)4852
5x4m44mm2.75mNoYes (+383)Yes (+582)5235
5x4m44mm2.75mNoYes (+383)No4653
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